Rhino Rack Stow-it Starter Kit SSIT

Sale price$159.00 AUD


To get started, the kit comes with Universal Adaptors ideal for mounting a Sunseeker awning, the award winning StowIt Utility holder or any other applicable Rhino-Rack accessory. When mounting light bars or rollers, separate adaptors are sold that can be used in place of the Universal Adaptor.


• Allows quick and easy removal of side mounted accessories for flexible mounting options or storage.
• Compatible with other StowIt adaptors for more accessory mounting options..
• Base bracket can be fixed directly to Pioneer platforms, Reconn-Deck bars and Vortex bars.
• Built tough for the harshest outback terrains.
• Durable and aesthetic finish.
• Includes the new Zwifloc channel nuts that allow the brackets to be placed anywhere on the side rail without moving other accessories. The Zwifloc nut simply drops into the channel, so there is no need to slide into position.
• Contents Included: 4 Base Brackets, 4 Universal Adaptors, hardware & Torx driver bit.

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