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The SoundExtreme ES08 by ECOXGEAR is an 8-inch sealed self-amplified subwoofer that is 100% waterproof and dustproof. Mount it to 4WD, ATVs/UTVs, Golf Carts, Boats, even perfect for your garage or workshop. Wirelessly connect an unlimited number of our patented soundbars and subwoofers together in an ECOCAST wireless network.



Is the SoundExtreme waterproof & can the SoundExtreme be used over/near water?

YES. The SoundExtreme meets the IPX6 waterproof standard. The SoundExtreme is impervious to rain and can be sprayed with a water hose without issues. Batten down the hatches and play your tunes worry free!

What is IPX6?

The IPX6 Waterproof Standard means that the product is protected against strong water jets. This means that IPX6 products, including the SoundExtreme can withstand use around water.

How does the SoundExtreme Subwoofer connect with other ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme speakers?

The SoundExtreme Subwoofer connects to other SoundExtreme soundbars via EcoCast wireless connectivity. Any ECOXGEAR speaker with ECOCAST is compatible.

Does the SoundExtreme work with other brands of soundbars or Stereo head units?

The SoundExtreme waterproof Subwoofer connects to any other brand of device through the use of the aux in jack.

How far can the SoundExtreme be away from soundbar?

The connectivity for the SoundExtreme Subwoofer is designed and tested to far exceed 9M from your Bluetooth device.

The sound is distorted, how can it be improved?

Try lowering the volume control of your connected device or musical instrument. Also, try to reduce the overall volume of the SoundExtreme

What is Peak and RMS output of the SoundExtreme?

500W Peak / 250W RMS

How much current does the SoundExtreme Subwoofer draw?

27 Amps at max volume depending on the type of music being played (running at 12V) It is recommended that you install the ES08 subwoofer with a 30 amp rated 12V step down converter similar to this model

The SoundExtreme will not pair With Bluetooth Device?

Make sure that your device is compatible with Bluetooth. Turn off your SoundExtreme and Bluetooth device, then power on and reconnect. Make sure that Bluetooth mode is selected on your SoundExtreme

Volume level is low when playing, how do I make it louder?

Increase the gain level to the maximum and the crossover to 275hz. Additionally, if using the wired remote gain control make sure the gain is maximum.

I am having intermittent issues with the SoundExtreme not connecting correctly to my smartphone via Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth module and microcontroller within the SoundExtreme sound bar has a “boot-up” and “power-down” sequence that the unit goes through when turned on and off respectively. This process takes several seconds (~3-5 seconds) to complete. If the SoundExtreme is on and 12V supply power is cut off from the speaker and then quickly power is returned to the speaker, it may cause the SoundExtreme to get stuck in the “boot-up” mode when you turn the SoundExtreme back on again. The best way to reset the SoundExtreme unit to normal function is to unplug the SoundExtreme from the 12V power supply (i.e. battery) for ~10 seconds and then plug it back in. After this, the SoundExtreme should work properly when turned on again.

Installation Note: If the So undExtreme is connected to the accessory junction box (busbar) and the power wire of the SoundExtreme is connected to the 12V ACC power post (this receives power only when the key is ON) on the busbar, then you may find that the above discussed “boot-up” issue may occur with your SoundExtreme (because turning the ignition key cuts off and restores power to the ACC power post).

We suggest that you do not hook the SoundExtreme power to ACC power, but to direct 12V battery power. If you are concerned with battery drain issues from having accessories directly attached to the battery, you can add a “kill switch” in-line between the SoundExtreme and the battery so that you can cut power to the SoundExtreme when the vehicle is not in use.

Can the SoundExtreme be set up to automatically power on when my vehicle is turned on?

Yes, you can use the optional bluewire and connect it to a switch or your ignition. Next, Turn the Auto-Turn-On Switch to select “Remote” on the back of the subwoofer.

How do I mount my SoundExtreme on my vehicle?

SoundExtreme includes various mounting brackets and accessories. Utilizing the mounts allows users to mount to vehicle in various ways:

    • • Use mounting brackets and provided screws to mount to vehicle cross bar by drilling holes in cross bar (or other mounting surface…ie vehicle roof, etc.) and using provided screws to bolt mounting brackets onto cross bar

    • • Drill hole through cross bar and use provided screws to secure SoundExtreme to cross bar by screwing directly into top mount rail threaded holes on SoundExtreme

    • • Use mounting brackets and provided worm clamps to secure the SoundExtreme onto a cross bar (without needing to drill holes in cross bar)

  • • Purchase other after-market accessory mounts that are compatible with the SoundExtreme brackets to mount as you see fit. You can find many compatible mount tube/pipe mount options online and Amazon by searching ‘ Universal cage tube clamp mount

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